About Us

EBTA consists of a group of dedicated and experienced horse-owners, behaviourists and academics who have made a commitment to understanding equine behaviour and working with horses in a fair and effective manner. We are concerned about training methods that encourage the application of excessive pressure to horses and by a recognised lack of understanding of psychological learning theory and ethology (the science of animal behaviour). We have all made an in-depth study of behavioural science, its practical application to training horses (and other animals) and how to find the balance between motivating the horse and managing our own aims. We acknowledge our responsibility to the horse as a domestic species taken out of their natural environment and required to cope with a variety of ridden and management demands. Furthermore we recognise that typically the answer to any behaviour problem lies with us, the humans, rather than the horse. Therefore we should look to our own behaviour change so as to prevent the problem arising, be that by adapting our management practice or amending our riding and training.

EBTA provides support to anyone wanting to learn more about behaviour, we conduct research projects in areas where we feel there is insufficient overlap between academia and the "typical horse-owner" and we liase with media organisations in order to help improve communication about equine behaviour.

EBTA is currently coordinated by: Catherine Bell, Debbie Busby, Susan Gammage, Rachel Holiday, Kirstin Main, Emily McDonald, Jenni Nellist, Jo Priede, Suzanne Rogers, Anna Saillet, Kelly Taylor-Saunders, Maisie Wake

With further support and endorsement from: Alison Averis, Francis Burton, Lorraine Godfrey, Justine Harrison, Ben Hart, Jane Holderness, Emma Kurrels, Jan Lewis, Emily McDonald, Lindsy Murray, Donna Skinsley, Theresa Toomey