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Join Us

If you would like more practical involvement with EBTA then we are always looking for more volunteers to help us in the following ways:
  • Articles - can you write or have you found a wonderful article which you think would make a good contribution to the site? (We reserve the right to reject pieces we think inappropriate or delay their use.)
  • Projects - sometimes we will request volunteers with horses to undertake small exercises so that we can build up a large sample for our research projects. Full instructions will be given so as to be consistent with other participants.
  • Research - we are always interested in hearing from academics with whom we can collaborate on research projects (some of the projects may be of interest to students choosing thesis subjects) and make use of our ability to obtain large data samples. Please also feel free to provide summaries of your research and we can make it available to our readers. We are also always open to suggestions from all readers for research topics - maybe there is a subject you feel is under-represented, please get in touch.
  • Website - please feel free to send us your comments about the site and/or newsletter
Sometimes we will also be looking for additional people to work on our organising committee and will advertise in the newsletter when this is the case.