EBTA Projects

At any one time, EBTA has a number of projects on the go. We try to raise awareness of particular subjects, run Facebook campaigns, make contact with various organisations, collate information...... We record our progress on the following webpages so that you can see what we're up to. Our current projects are listed below - they are "works in progress" and we continue to add information. Make sure you have signed up for our newsletter and/or Facebook page if you would like to receive our updates.

The Ladder of Fear - can you recognise subtle signs of fear and avoid the onset of behavioural "problems"?

Donkeys and Mules - Research Round-up - learn more about these under-reported equids

Some elements of equine behaviour are not widely known but if understood and applied by horse owners and businesses would make a real difference to the welfare of many horses throughout the UK. We therefore run 'campaigns' on Facebook - series of posts on topics such as sleep, safety, development and the equine senses. We include them here as "works in progress" for now, until they are turned into full articles in the future.

How Do Horses Sleep? - are you meeting your horse's sleep needs?

Equine Development - are you meeting the needs of your foal and his/her parents?

Staying Safe - how a knowledge of behaviour can help to keep you safe