Finding Professional Help

Finding professional help to deal with a behavioural issue can be a minefield. Do you want an instructor, a trainer, a behaviourist, a behaviour consultant? What sort of qualification should you look for? How do you know if you need anyone at all?

Currently there is no regulation and anyone can use any of these labels. That can make choosing someone much harder and you can be at the mercy of the inexperienced, the ignorant or the charlatan. On the other hand, you are not forced to choose a "method", but have a wealth of individuals with different skills and approaches which can lead to a more tailor-made solution for you.

As is so often the case, key to making the right choice is a little background knowledge. Here we give you some pointers to help you decide whether you need a behaviourist and, if so, what to look for when choosing between everyone.

Do I Need A Behaviourist (And What Can I Expect)?

10 Steps To Choosing Your Trainer